DeAnna Pappas Stagliano's Baby Boy Is Almost Here! Inside Her Sweet 'Big Sister' Tea Party

The former Bachelorette will welcome her second child later this month

When it came time to celebrating the impending arrival of her second child — and first son! — DeAnna Pappas Stagliano knew exactly how she wanted to do it.

“I didn’t need a baby shower,” Pappas Stagliano tells PEOPLE of her intimate tea party on Sunday. “I wanted to do a big sister celebration, kind of a way to help Addison welcome baby number two.”

And 2-year-old Addison Marie — dad is Pappas Stagliano’s husband Stephen Stagliano — who wore A Pea in the Pod T-shirt at the Good Carma Studio-produced fete that proudly announced her upcoming sibling status, is getting excited about the new arrival.

Says Pappas Stagliano, who is due at the end of the month: “She’s grasping a lot more now. I think it’s starting to feel real. She’s starting to get that there is somebody coming!”

DeAnna Pappas pregnant tea party

Dustylu Photography

The couple have put the finishing touches on the nursery and with everything coming together, Pappas Stagliano says she’s looking forward to watching Addison with her baby brother.

“We got a gift from Addison to give to the baby and a gift from him to give to Addison,” she explains. “I’m hoping that she will transition well and will be able to come to the hospital and meet the baby.”

DeAnna Pappas pregnant tea party

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Guests at the event, who received invites through online invitation company ECHOage, were treated to Steeped Tea, sandwiches and plenty of sweet treats.

“It was a wonderful day, really fun,” says Pappas Stagliano, 34. “I could not believe how much the little girls loved the tea. They were drinking out of adult-sized cups!”

And Addison was happy to step in and greet her guests with goodies. “Addison was giving each one a feather boa and beaded necklaces,” Pappas Stagliano says.

DeAnna Pappas pregnant tea party

Dustylu Photography

That bodes well for the future mom of two. “We’re really pushing the big sister, big helper thing,” says Pappas Stagliano. “She’s doing really well so far!”

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— Aili Nahas

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