Dean McDermott Has a Daddy's Girl in Daughter Stella

There is no denying that 7 ½-month-old Stella Doreen McDermott sure knows how to win over a person’s heart! The spitting image of her father Dean McDermott, actress Tori Spelling shares that the couple’s daughter has already acquired the skills to turn on the charm. “She already bats her eyes and [Dean’s] melting. She can do no wrong,” shares the 90210 actress. While Tori is equally head-over-heels for Stella, she can’t help but notice the lack of gene representation that seems to have taken place with her baby girl. “I think I was just a vessel. Like, I carried you for nine months. I guess I was just a shell so you could survive for nine months,” says Tori.

While Dean’s attributes apparently won out, it was Tori that heard her name muttered by her daughter just this week! Thrilled to hear Stella utter “mama,” Tori admits that the couple’s older child, 22-month-old son Liam Aaron, was not as easily impressed.

“Today she said mama for the first time. It was like the biggest day. She was sitting in her little Exersaucer. We were in the living room and I just heard, ‘Mama,’ and the arms out, and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ Your heart just melts. Liam’s all walking by just like, ‘Mama, mama. What’s the big deal? I can say that.'”

Not immediately smitten with his sister, Tori reveals that Liam’s relationship with Stella was definitely “questionable at first.” The proud mama doesn’t blame her first-born, joking that the toddler believed the baby girl was only paying a short visit, much like her own wardrobe! With Liam a little “weirded out that she was staying,” Tori laughs, explaining, “he thought she was on loan like most of my clothes.” Eventually, Liam stepped right into his role — “he’s really a good big brother” — as Tori can’t help but dote over the obvious bond forming between the two children.

“You know he has his moments. He wants the attention. But then at times he goes over and pets her head and plays with her. He makes her laugh and he is like her world. She lives and dies for him so he can do no wrong.”

Loving their life together with their children, Tori — who has “the perfect family” — reveals that the couple are open to adding to their brood in the future. “I always say whatever we’re blessed enough to be able to have, I’d be happy with,” says Tori.

Source: PEOPLE, with excerpts exclusive to CBB

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