Playtex Infant Care has announced today that it will distribute one million free samples of theirPlaytex® Drop-Ins® OriginalNurser System, which are free of bisphenol A, a chemical used to manufacturepolycarbonate plastic products. It is not clear which product is being given away- one of their gift sets or just the single bottles (probably the single bottle).

ThePlaytex® Drop-Ins® Nurser system uses disposable Playtex® Drop-Ins®liners that are made of polyethylene and are BPA-free.

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It also announced that the rest of its product line will be BPA-free by the end of 2008.

All of their bottlenipples and pacifiers (including Ortho-Pro® and Binky®) are BPA-free. Incups, the Playtex® Sipster®, Insulator®, Coolster®, Quick Straw® areall BPA-free. To see if any of the Playtex products you own contain BPA, visit

In a related story, Wal-Mart announced last week that it will immediately stop selling baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, foodcontainers and water bottles made with BPA in its Canadian stores.