August 05, 2008 06:00 AM

My little boy has been obsessed with vacuums for most of his life. So obsessed, in fact, that a year ago I wrote to the folks at Dyson and asked how I might purchase one of their kid-sized promotional vacuums for his upcoming second birthday (we had seen one at a trade show). They informed me that they don’t sell those vacuums, but that they would send one – at no cost – to my son for his birthday. It was without a doubt his favorite gift. And I’ve been jealous of him ever since. So when I had the opportunity to review the new DC25 Dyson Ball all-floors vacuum ($499), you can imagine my excitement. And his! There was no holding us back once that box came through our front door.

Set-up was simple. We just had to click together a few pieces and we were ready to go. The two on-board accessory tools that come with the DC25 (a combination accessory tool and a stair wand) fit easily into their allotted slots, plus I had help from my son who knew exactly where to put them thanks to his own similar kid-sized Dyson. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I sometimes feel a bit silly when my three-year-old is telling me what to do.

Once we started using the DC25 things really got exciting. First, there’s the ball technology itself. It really is the coolest advancement in the world of upright vacuums — and I’ll have you know, I know a thing or two about vacuums, since my son insists on examining the vacuum section every time we visit the grocery store (and yes, our grocery store has a vacuum section). The motor for the DC25 is actually inside the ball and the ball enables the vacuum to turn really easily…unlike turning a regular upright vacuum, which sometimes becomes more awkward than a new driver’s first attempt at a 3-point-turn.

I love how easy — and clean! — it is to empty the vaccuum. You just pull the clear bin out, press a button, and you’re done. It clicks right back in, ready to go. And I admit: Like my son, I’m fascinated by the dust and dirt whirling around when the vacuum is operating. I try not to think about the fact that it was on my floor seconds earlier.

A huge benefit of the DC25 is that once you own it, there’s nothing left to buy. And, because it’s not inexpensive, that’s a good thing. The vacuum doesn’t require any bags and the washable (every three months) HEPA filter is designed to last the life of the vacuum. Plus, there’s a five-year warranty for parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson. But with Dyson’s now-infamous Root Cyclone Technology ensuring that the DC25 will never lose suction, it’s hard to imagine why you’d even need it.

It’s a bit on the loud side, yes. Also, despite its label as a lightweight vacuum, I still find it feels heavy after I’ve been vacuuming for a while (though it’s definitely lighter than my old vacuum — so maybe I’m just out of shape!). But these are things I can live with when we’re talking the kind of power this vacuum has. And, I’ll be honest, the DC25 is also a hundred times cooler than any other vacuum, so a little extra noise and weight are well worth it to a vain vacuum-er such as myself. Plus, why do you think my husband is so keen on vacuuming these days?

Reviewing the DC25 Dyson Ball has been dreamy. My floors are spotless. I feel like I’m breathing cleaner air (did you know that the air expelled from a Dyson vacuum is 150 times cleaner than the air we breathe?). It is now permanently parked in my kitchen where it awaits its next assignment.

Now I think it’s time to upgrade my son to his own Dyson DC16 handheld so we can start working together…

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