A peek inside Cole Moelleken's nursery

EXTRA co-host Dayna Devon, 37, told us a bit about her son Cole Brent‘s nursery when we spoke to her in May, describing it as,

…done in vintage airplanes with the crib transformedinto a hot air balloon that disappears into the ceiling. The ceiling isa mural of antique maps. The carpet is blue shag meant to look like theocean.

Now, we get to see it for ourselves, as Dayna, her husband, plastic surgeon Brent Moelleken, and children Emmi Reese, 2, and Cole, 10 months on Monday, have posed for the latest issue of In Touch. In the article, Dayna elaborates, saying,

You wouldn’t believe it, but practically everything in Cole’s nursery I got from eBay. I had so much fun looking for stuff I didn’t want to stop!

From the free-form cut blue rug to the balloon, the room is unique and reminds Dayna of ‘the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland.’

I had so much fun doing [the room] that I keep saying, ‘Wait, I’m not done yet!’

Source: In Touch, November 12th issue, p. 88.
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