Dayanara Torres talks about spending quality time with kids

The notion of introducing her children with ex-husband Marc AnthonyChristian, 7 and Ryan, 4 ½ — to potential boyfriends is something actress Dayanara Torres doesn't take lightly. She tells People that her policy is so strict "only because I respect (the children)," adding,

I've got to be very careful. I can't just introduce them to anybody and not know him. Only when I think the relationship is going somewhere and getting serious, it's when I start introducing, which happened only once.

The ‘once' Dayanara refers to was Prison Break actor Amaury Nolasco, with whom Dayanara recently parted ways. The 33-year-old former Miss Universe says that although being a single, working mom is "not easy" she's "trying to balance it" as best she can.

Nothing is worth more than taking the quality time you have with your kids. I'm very careful of the projects I choose, to make sure that I don't take away [anyone's time]. It's difficult trying to balance it all, but I'm doing it.

Source: People

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