Dax Shepard Says Daughters Inherited His Love of Cars 'Big Time': 'My Total Dream Come True'

The Top Gear America star shares daughters Lincoln, 7½, and Delta, 6, with wife Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard couldn't be more delighted to have passed along his passion for cars to his kids.

On Top Gear America, the 46-year-old actor gets to put his knowledge and love for enviable rides to good use, alongside actor Rob Corddry and British host Jethro Bovingdon. Shepard tells PEOPLE that seeing his daughters Lincoln, 8 next month, and Delta, 6, (whom he shares with wife Kristen Bell) cling to cars as much as he does has been a dream come true. He says they inherited the gene "big time."

"They always make my day when we're on the road and they know cars," Shepard says proudly. "I got this obnoxious, gruesome vehicle called the Hellcat, and they ran out, sat in it, sat behind the wheel and wanted to start it, wanted to go for a ride."

"They seem to have the bug," he adds, "which is, you know, my total dream come true."

The Armchair Expert podcast host also explains that his firstborn girl is aware she's named after a car — and that being gifted a Lincoln of her own one day is " her birthright." Shepard says they're already "interested in those" future cars.

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Before his daughters qualify for their driver's licenses, Shepard is getting a head start on the whole teaching-them-to-drive parenting task.

"I've already taught the 7-year-old, she drives a Razor, which is a little dune buggy, and I sit in the passenger's seat and she just hauls, off-roading. So she's got it. If I ever hit my head and she could touch the pedals, I'd feel pretty confident she could get us home."

Shepard jokes that, when it comes to checking out their famous parents' projects, his two girls "don't like to watch us" — but "they are gonna watch Top Gear America; they do dig it."

Dax Shepard
Dax Shepard

On Top Gear America, the three stars go on a ride of a lifetime, testing out enviable rides of all types while on a cross-country road trip. Shepard says, as far as on-screen camaraderie, he feels they "hit the chemistry lottery" with Corddry and Bovingdon.

"With casts," he says, "sometimes you get really lucky, and sometimes you don't, but yeah, I think from day 1 we were like, 'Oh yeah, I know exactly what my slot is, they know what their slot is, and it all works in concert.' "

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Corddry, 50, adds, "And we all just really enjoy each other," as the trio agree they "bonded" over the course of filming the show, and through completing crazy stunts.

Bovingdon explains how the show can be welcome escapism for viewers aching for on-the-road adventures while still in quarantine during the ongoing pandemic.

"It's been a tough year, and we went into Top Gear just wanting to have a great time with each other, to do some crazy stuff with cars," recalls Bovingdon of beginning shooting before lockdowns. "And as it rolled through, the significance of that freedom became a bigger thing. I'm hopeful this is a little window into what our future will be again."

Top Gear America is now streaming exclusively on the MotorTrend app.

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