Raising a Baby, a Toddler and a Teen! David Arquette on His Happy New Life - and Co-Parenting with Ex Courteney Cox

"It's quite a crazy household," David Arquette - dad to Gus, 4 months, Charlie, 3, and Coco, 13 - tells PEOPLE of his current family dynamic

David Arquette‘s life couldn’t be more chaotic — and he loves it.

“Oh my gosh, a teenager, a toddler and a newborn,” the actor says of his kids with wife Christina (sons Augustus “Gus” Alexis, 4 months, and Charlie West, 3) and Coco, his 13-year-old daughter with ex-wife Courteney Cox. “It’s quite a crazy household.”

Jokes Christina, “We’re in baby boot camp and children boot camp. It’s literally one kid here, one kid here.”

They can laugh now about everything, but a year ago, Christina was suffering from severe morning sickness. “I would be running to the bathroom and David would be holding my hair,” she says. “I was just sick and in bed all the time. I don’t think I brushed my teeth for a week because I was so bedridden and uncomfortable.”

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Christina finally found relief when her doctor prescribed Diclegis, the first FDA-approved medication to treat morning sickness (she’s since become a spokesperson).

After being a doting husband during his wife’s pregnancy, David, 45, has also been sharing childcare duties — and is currently on the night shift with Gus. As Christina explains, “He’s up every few hours with the baby feeding him.”

“I’m exhausted right now,” the father of three admits.

“The great thing about David is that he was a dad before I was ever a mom, so he really gave me a lot of good advice along the way,” says Christina, 36. “He does all these great adventures with Charlie and Coco.”

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She adds, “They have a whole costume closet at our house. David dresses up, Charlie dresses up. I’m apparently supposed to be Poison Ivy at some point in time and Coco dresses as Batgirl, so we have a whole superhero theme going on at our house.”

“We’re fighting crime at all times,” David jokes. “The streets are safe.”

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The Scream actor says he, Christina and Cox, 53, have created a happy, blended family. “Coco is just such a wonderful young lady. I’m so proud of her. Seeing her do plays and sing, it’s amazing.”

Christina says, “I’m so fortunate for that as a stepparent, and that she has two great parents and everybody just gets along so great.”

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