August 31, 2015 01:30 PM

To Dave Annable, being given the gift of a baby girl is like hitting a hole in one.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more love in my heart at that moment where I just was so happy,” the Heartbreaker star tells PEOPLE of finding out the sex of his first child with wife Odette, 30. “That’s a special relationship and that’s daddy’s little girl.”

And as their father-daughter relationship is sure to be unbreakable, Annable — who recently enjoyed a “mancation” at the Angeles National Golf Club with some of his closest high school buddies, golfing and sipping on Mike’s Hard Lemonade — cannot wait to teach his “little angel” some of his skills out on the green.

“She’s going to be this mini Tiger Woods like on Kimmel or Fallon — she’s gonna be great,” jokes the actor.

Rob Latour/Rex USA

“My dad always says the best thing he’s ever done as a father is teach his kids golf because, selfishly, he got to go out and play and bring the kids and just have some really good bonding time out there,” Annable explains. “I have a bunch of other friends who are golfers and have babies, and we plan on taking the little kids out there and teaching them.”

But then again, the close bond is inevitable, as family is everything to the Red Band Society star.

“It’s important to Ody and I, and that’s one of the reasons why I think we were both attracted to each other initially — besides her being smoking hot — is that she’s a family-first person and so am I, so that’s one common thread we bonded on immediately,” says Annable.

He adds, “It feels right for us; we’re ready to rock.”

But just as Annable plans on spoiling his bundle of love, he’s currently busy pampering the mommy-to-be, who’s due at the end of September.

“I’m trying to make her as happy as possible and let her enjoy as much as she can — she’s pretty uncomfortable right now — because when we’re old and gray, the time that she’s pregnant is the blink of an eye, so it’s best to try and indulge in all those cravings,” Annable says of his “glowing” wife, who’s been snacking on Krispy Kreme and Snickers ice cream bars.

Matt Sayles/AP Images for Mike’s Hard Lemonade

– Nicole Sands

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