As for the most difficult part of being a parent, Annable says problem-solving takes some getting used to

By Karen Mizoguchi
March 28, 2018 07:25 PM

When it comes to parenting, Dave Annable has got it down. But it wasn’t always the case.

The actor, 38, reveals to PEOPLE that his most embarrassing dad moment occurred in September 2015 when his now-2½-year-old daughter Charlie Mae was just born.

“Dad moment, sort of day one. It was like 5 a.m. my wife wakes me up and all excited and I just run downstairs, I put everything into the car, all the bags,” Annable recalls when his actress spouse of eight years Odette Annable’s water broke.

“They say don’t bring all that stuff into the delivery room because you know you can go get that stuff after so I drop Odie off and I’m all excited. I went back and grabbed all the stuff and I run to the elevator and she looks down and she goes, ‘Oh my God! What’s that?’ and I had grabbed the kitchen trash. That literally was waiting outside to go into the garbage,” the father of one remembers.

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Dave Annable

As for the most difficult part of being a parent, Annable says problem-solving takes some getting used to.

“I think being a first-time parent is I have no experience. I have nieces and nephews and you think you learn along the way, yeah you pick up some pointers but you’re full responsibility and all-hands on deck with your kid,” he shares.

“She’s got a temperature, she’s not eating, it’s all that troubleshooting you got to figure out. Troubleshooting for me is the most difficult part — she’s not a teenager yet,” he says.

While Annable is excited to watch his baby girl grow up, his parenting goal is that Charlie Mae finds her passion in life.

“It sounds so cliché but I just want her to do something that she loves. Because then it won’t feel like work. She’ll be excited to go to work every day whatever that is,” he says. “I believe in her. I do believe that you’re able to do things you want to do in this life.”

Jokingly adding, “Or [be a] pro golfer. You know, take me on all the cool courses and teach me.”