Darren Clarke Opens Up About Wife's Death

In a recent interview with Golf magazine, single dad Darren Clarke says that 2 ½-years after losing his wife Heather Clarke to breast cancer he still struggles with feelings of anger. “You know, Why Heather? Why? Why? Why?” he asks. “There are no answers to that.” There’s also no indication that life will ever return to “normal” for the 40-year-old professional golfer and his two sons Tyrone, 10, and Conor, 7. “It can’t be normal when you haven’t got the mother of your kids and my wife at home,” he notes. Owning up to some “dark moments” and admitting that things have been “difficult” for him personally, Darren says that “it has been even harder for the boys.”

“It has been tough having to deal with things. And tough being thrown in to being 100 percent responsible for my two kids…Making the day-to-day decisions for the boys has been a shock to the system. You don’t realize how much wives have got to do until you’ve got to do it yourself.”

Fortunately, Darren has help in the form of Eddie and Alice, a Czech couple who have been with the Clarkes for more than a decade. “They live in the annex of the house and have known the boys since they were babies,” Darren explains. “Without them and my family I couldn’t do what I’m doing.” With the start of the new year Darren says that things have finally returned to an “even keel” for both him and the boys, whom he is trying to shape into proper young men who will “see the bigger picture” in life. Adds Darren,

“Rudeness is my number one hate. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are two of the easiest things in the world to say. I try to instill that in my two boys.”

Source: Golf

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