Comely Custom Tutus from My Little Minky

My 4 1/2 year old niece loves ballet. She can often be found twirling around her house with her envious 2 year old sister looking on. Since they have oodles of toys, I decided to get them each a tutu, after hearing about Jill Cufley’s store on etsy:

Jill will make you a custom-made tutu starting at only $23!! And with shipping a very reasonable $5, it’s all the more reason to snap one up for your little angel. You can get tutus in the following colors: hot pink, dark pink, light pink, white, ivory, red, yellow, light blue, lavender, orange, lime green and black. If you want another color, Jill will work with you to make that happen. I found her so pleasant to deal with. You can add a ribbon accent for $2 (another bargain) and you can even do two colors of tulle together. The way the sizing works is easy – just measure your little one’s waist (from the belly button around).

Jill sent me a light blue tutu and a lavender tutu. They arrived perfectly (and so quickly) and were wrapped up in tissue paper. I loved the quality of Jill’s work and was very pleased with how quickly they were at my house! I think my nieces will both now twirl around the house, wearing Jill’s tutus.

Jill’s a nurse by day, crafter by night and weekend as well as a mama to a 3 year old boy. Jill also makes other adorable products, such as fancy burp cloths ($10), lovey blankets ($15), and knit hats (loved the tomato hat ($12)).


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