Dapple Toy Cleaner Spray: The Greener Cleaner

It’s almost a universal truth that if baby can grasp a toy with their hands, that toy is invariably going to wind up in baby’s mouth. As a mom, it can be a hard phenomenon to watch — especially when so many of the cleaning products locked under the sink aren’t kid-friendly. Dapple, the brand that brought you baby-friendly dishwasher powder and dish liquid, has filled that void by expanding it’s line to include a new non-toxic toy cleaner ($6).

What really sets it apart is the decision by Dapple to make their cleaner not anti-bacterial; this is important not only because it helps kids develop a healthy immune response, but also because in order to earn the title ‘anti-bacterial’ traditional cleaners rely on bleach, alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Dapple’s toy cleaner is parabens, phtalates, SLES and dye-free, getting the job done instead with natural ingredients like baking soda and by employing green technology that make it good not only for your home, but good for the environment as a whole.

We’ve been using Dapple’s toy cleaner for about a month, and are really pleased with the results. The fragrance (provided by essential oils) is pleasant, and the cleaner wipes away easily without leaving a filmy residue. I use it on just about everything: the toys, the kitchen counter, the booster seat, the snack tray of our stroller, and so on. Of course, the biggest benefit of a natural-based cleaner is something I’ll never see or hear, but knowing that our boys’ belongings aren’t swimming in chemicals does feel great.

— Missy

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