"She's my little Sagittarius baby, makes herself heard but is never complaining," Daphne Oz says of her youngest child, 7-month-old daughter Domenica

By Jen Juneau
August 01, 2018 10:50 AM
Christina Craddock/Mini Magazine

Daphne Oz is a busy mother of three, but she isn’t ruling out adding more members to her family.

For MINI magazine‘s summer 2018 cover story, the 32-year-old cookbook author and former co-host of The Chew poses with her kids Domenica Celine, 7 months, Jovan Jr., 2, and Philomena Bijou, 4, revealing that she is “for sure” open to having more kids but living in the moment for now.

“I love it,” Oz says of motherhood. “I think that there’s a part of me that worries that I will just miss any version [of my children]. These kids are all so different. They come out with these little personalities totally intact, and there are all these iterations of what you can create, so I want to see some more versions.”

“But I’m also not in a rush,” she insists. “I want to enjoy it. I want my kids to enjoy their little moment in the sun too.”

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Daphne Oz and daughters
Christina Craddock/Mini Magazine
Daphne Oz and son Jovan
Christina Craddock/Mini Magazine
Daphne Oz and daughter Domenica
Christina Craddock/Mini Magazine

When it came time to name the newest addition to the family following her Dec. 4 birth, Oz admits she and husband John Jovanovic didn’t choose a moniker until after they got to the delivery room.

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“I went into labor on Sunday of a Supermoon. It was my third and everyone promised me it would be a quick, easy labor. I thought, she’ll be born on this amazing Sunday — [the moon] was a huge, glowing orb outside of my hospital room window.”

“We loved her name, it was one that stood out to us, and then of course, she took forever to come out and so she was actually born on Monday. But her name means “blessed” and we loved the nickname Nica also. Domenica Celine felt very celestial, serene and happy, and it went well with our other kids’ names.”

Daphne Oz and kids
Christina Craddock/Mini Magazine
Daphne Oz and daughters
Christina Craddock/Mini Magazine

Oz reveals that while going from two to three children was a big adjustment, going from one to two was “way harder” due to a variety of factors like her two older kids being less than two years apart, thus meaning Oz was “pregnant throughout the big transitions” for Philomena like walking and talking.

“For us, it could just be that Nica is the happiest baby on the face of the planet,” she explains of how three children hasn’t been as difficult as two felt at first. “My daughter, Philomena, called Nica ‘Sugar’ when she was in utero, and she came out literally sweet as sugar.”

“She is always laughing, always happy,” Oz continues of her youngest. “She’s my little Sagittarius baby, makes herself heard but is never complaining. That has definitely contributed to this transition being, so far, pretty simple.”

Daphne Oz and daughter Domenica cover MINI magazine’s summer 2018 issue
Christina Craddock/Mini Magazine

Although expanding her household has felt like a natural step, Oz admits she still feels the dreaded guilt that can come with being a working mom. But it has gotten easier over the years, since she became a first-time mom to Philomena.

“This time around, I recognize that whatever I’ve chosen to do, it’s because it makes me happy and I’m allowed to do that,” she explains. “As long as I can be 100 percent on when I’m on, then I can be 100 percent mom when I’m not. That to me is a much healthier balance. I feel like happy kids have happy parents who model that for them.”

“It’s not all rainbows, but so much of what you’ll remember about this time is how you feel going through it,” Oz continues. “If you feel good about yourself and the choices that you’re making and they’re feeding your ultimate happiness and your kids’ ultimate happiness, that’s a really good thing.”