"I went for my first doctor appointment a few weeks after giving birth. I'd lost only 10 pounds!" she recalls

By peoplestaff225
October 27, 2014 10:00 AM

When Daphne Oz brought her daughter home from the hospital in February, she also brought along a very unexpected addition: her baby belly.

In the November/December issue of Fitness magazine, the new mom to Philomena Bijou admits what surprised her most about motherhood was her body after baby.

“You still look six months pregnant,” Oz, 28, says. “Your body does not instantly bounce back.”

And the surprises weren’t over. When Oz — who doesn’t own a scale — went for a postpartum check up, she was in for a second shock.

“I thought I knew where I’d be when I went for my first doctor appointment a few weeks after giving birth. I’d lost only 10 pounds!” she recalls.

Justin Stephens/Fitness Magazine

While she is determined to lose her pregnancy pounds, Oz says it’s only one of a long list of items on her to-do list. “It’s a priority, but it’s one of many,” she shares.

I’m breastfeeding, so my priorities include eating to nourish my baby, gaining muscle tone and feeling good. It’s about being back in charge of my body.”

Despite the weight not “pouring off,” Oz isn’t giving up on regaining her fit physique. “I figure that it takes nine months to have a baby and it’ll take at least that long for it to come off,” she explains.

But how does The Chew co-host balance her 8-month-old baby girl with her workouts?

“I figure out how much time I have and adjust my routine to fit,” Oz, who keeps her daughter entertained in a bouncy seat during her yoga videos, says. “Philomena love being in the stroller or carrier, so that’s how I’ll get a walk in.”

As she continues to get back in shape, the new mom is making an effort to embrace her figure — and point out all the positives!

“Focus on the things that you love about your body,” she says. “Feel good about them and you’ll project confidence.”

Justin Stephens/Fitness Magazine

— Anya Leon