Daphne Oz tells PEOPLE that she was in disbelief over the criticisms surrounding mothers nursing

By Karen Mizoguchi
May 11, 2018 06:35 PM

As of late, many new mothers, including celebrities, have faced backlash for publicly sharing photos of themselves breastfeeding their newborns.

Daphne Oz, who gave birth to her third child, daughter Domenica Celine in December 2017, has been openly sharing postpartum photos on social media, and tells PEOPLE that she was in disbelief over the criticisms surrounding mothers nursing publicly.

“Because it’s nudity? Seriously? I feel like in this day and age where every picture of a celebrity could barely be considered clothing, I don’t know why that could be sexual to anyone,” says Oz, 32.

“It’s one of the purest and natural things imaginable. I also think you have to think about the intention of the mom there, she’s not sharing that to be enticing to you,” the former The Chew co-host explains.

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Daphne Oz
Arabella Oz

“I feel like it’s such a warped way of seeing the world — if that offends you, something is very wrong. The mother who is sharing the breastfeeding photo isn’t saying this is the only way to do it. She’s just sharing her experience, which I really respect,” Oz continues.

Adding, “Especially in the community of moms, it’s hard enough. I would love for us to feel safe with each other, sharing those moments, the good and the bad. If anything, we should be supportive of that.”

Daphne Oz
Daphne Oz/Instagram

Oz, who is also mom to 2-year-old son Jovan Jr. and 4-year-old daughter Philomena Bijou, continues to be honest about the effects of pregnancy on her body and the importance of having a healthy attitude after giving birth.

“It’s vulnerable. It’s not like I’m putting myself out there, saying I’ve got it handled or I’m back in the shape I want to be,” she says. “I want to make it okay for women who don’t have that experience to not feel like they failed somehow and to still be proud of their body.”

But Oz also admits, “Some people do jump back, back in their old clothes in a minute and I am so jealous.”

“I’m being realistic also. Of course, you got the gift of a lifetime, a baby that [I] have in my arms now, I’d give anything for this so who cares about the couple extra pounds or loose skin or whatever it is,” she says. “But at the same time, you’re a woman, so I care that my clothes don’t fit, I care that I don’t feel strong in my skin. I want people to know that you don’t have to hide until you feel like you’re in that place.”