Third Baby on the Way for 'American Idol' Alum Danny Gokey

"I can have a baby, expand my career and don't have to hold life for either one," Danny Gokey tells PEOPLE

2017 may just be the biggest year yet for American Idol alum Danny Gokey!

The American Idol alum exclusively tells PEOPLE he’s expecting his third child with wife Leyicet Peralta, 30.

“Literally, Dec. 31, she showed me the pregnancy stick and I was like, ‘You’re kidding me, you’re serious?’ ” Gokey, 36, says of how his wife broke the good news. “I was on cloud nine.”

He adds: “There’s a lot of new things and a lot of expectancy for this year.”

The couple’s third baby will join siblings Daniel Emanuel, 4 this month, and Victoria Isabella, 2.

“When we told my son that there’s a baby in the belly, he said that there’s a baby in his belly after,” says Gokey.


All of the “fun little moments” like this are important to Gokey as a father, so he decided to buy a bus this year to take his family on tour with him. Despite not being able to “afford it” initially, Gokey “went and bought it anyway.”

“I refuse to miss out on my children’s lives,” says Gokey. “I think we need to invest in the right things and they’ll take care of themselves.”

By taking his family with him on tour, Gokey says he doesn’t have to miss any of the funniest moments with his kids — like Daniel praying at the dinner table saying, “Dear God, thank you for french fries.”

As to what’s been the best part of fatherhood, Gokey says being able to “instill them with the education and the knowledge of the things that I’ve learned to make their life better.”

“One of the things that I learned at a very young age is the power of a parent’s words to their children,” shares Gokey.

Gokey also has another “baby” on the way: His fifth studio album, Rise, debuts Friday.

Though this year is going to be a busy one for the singer, Gokey says he’s able to find “balance” to manage it all.

“Everyone’s waiting for that perfect moment before they have kids and my career is doing the best it’s ever been yet,” explains Gokey. “One thing I didn’t want to believe in is that I couldn’t have a family and do music at the same time.”

He says it’s possible “when you start thinking outside that realm like, ‘Wait, I can have a baby, expand my career and don’t have to hold life for either one.’ “

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