A new article in Forbes tackles the weighty issue of postpartum weightloss — specifically, the speed with which celebrity moms have been known to shed their pregnancy pounds. To that end, Forbes spoke with CBB Publisher Danielle about why there’s such urgency attached to the diet and exercise regimens employed by famous mamas. Said Danielle,

The article also includes an interview with Harley Pasternak, a trainer who began working with Milla Jovovich two months after she delivered daughter Ever Gabo, now 6-months-old. Milla’s reported 70 lb + weight gain during the pregnancy was for the most part embraced by CBB readers as a refreshing change from the celebrity norm, but for Milla, a professional commitment to the film The Perfect Getaway meant that the weight would need to be lost sooner rather than later. Harley spent 25 to 45 minutes a day with Milla, five days a week over three to four weeks, where he oversaw her cardio, strength and core training program. Milla also ate a diet consisting of five daily meals that incorporated protein, fiber, healthy fats, low-carbs and a sugar-free beverage, Harley said, adding,

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Breastfeeding offers a big boost to one’s metabolism, and Naomi Watts and Christina Aguilera are cited in the article as examples of celebrity moms who credit nursing for their speedy returns to pre-baby form following the births of babies Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Pete, 9-months and Max Liron, 3 ½-months, respectively. Danielle noted, however, that breastfeeding doesn’t prove to be a quick-fix for everyone who attempts it. She cited a recent poll by CBB where nearly half of all respondents indicated that nursing did not dramatically effect their postpartum weightloss.

Still, yet another potential explanation for the amazing ability of celebrity moms to look like their ‘old selves’ again so soon after giving birth rests with their (often) slim and trim physique, pre-pregnancy. It only stands to reason that the better shape you’re in before getting pregnant, the better the odds you’ll return to that shape once no longer pregnant. It also means that you’re that much more likely to exercise during the pregnancy, itself, experts say. Samantha Harris tracked her pregnancy for Fitness magazine, and it’s no wonder: Forbes noted that Samantha worked out for the duration of her pregnancy with daughter Josselyn Sydney, 7 ½-months. Nicole Kidman, due in July, has also been spotted playing tennis and hitting the gym. Celebrity trainer Harold Palacios says that the hard work will eventually pay off, adding,

As for the celebrities who still find themselves struggling to lose the baby weight — or struggling with the realization that even when the weight is ultimately lost, their bodies may never be quite the same — Danielle told Forbes that it’s all about perspective. Jennifer Garner, who has openly lamented her leftover tummy from carrying daughter Violet Anne, 2, still looks pretty darn good to us. Noted Danielle, "most people would still die for her belly."

Source: Forbes