Dania Ramirez Initially Thought Twin Pregnancy Was Too Much Food

"I felt this little bump," recalls the Devious Maids star. "And I said, 'Oh my God, let me do some crunches, I'm eating too much.' That's how I found out!"

Dania Ramirez Pregnant Expecting Twins

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When Dania Ramirez went to her doctor three weeks ago, she got some “incredible” news — the Devious Maids star was expecting twins!

“I had the first appointment and the woman who’s doing the sonogram looks and says, ‘Oh, I love to start my morning with great news!'” Ramirez, 33, tells PEOPLE. “My husband [John Beverly Amos Land] was like, ‘Okay, we already know she’s pregnant…’ and she goes, ‘Oh no — it’s going to be two!'”

“My husband was like, ‘What?’ And then she goes, ‘Hold on, let me look for a third,’ and my husband says, ‘Get that out of her right now!'” the actress recalls with a laugh.

Ramirez says she never expected to have twins — even though they do run in her family.

“My grandmother has twins and triplets, but it’s still shocking and it’s still surprising,” she says. “My older sister has two kids — and she didn’t get twins — so it wasn’t like ‘How could this happen?’ but at the same time, I was thinking one.”

The news is especially funny because Ramirez says that, even as a child, she was enamored with the idea of having twins.

“When I was younger I was like, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could just bang them out at one time?'” jokes Ramirez. “I’d never have to worry about it … wouldn’t it be great to only get fat one time?”

Speaking of weight gain, that’s exactly what Ramirez thought was happening when she first discovered her slight belly bulge a few months ago.

“I felt this little bump,” recalls Ramirez. “And I said, ‘Oh my God, let me do some crunches, I’m eating too much.’ That’s how I found out!”

She’s due this winter, although Ramirez doesn’t want to reveal how far along she is — at least at this time

“I’m keeping that to myself right now,” she says. “They’re still little … you saw the sonogram — you can barely see what’s going on!”

Ramirez doesn’t know the sex of the babies yet, but says she doesn’t have a preference either way.

“My husband has an 11-year-old son [Kai]. We got together when he was 8, so I’ve taken on that step-mom role and I started getting the baby bug. At this point I just want them to be healthy and that’s my main concern,” Ramirez explains.

“I come from a family full of women, so having boys would be great. I’m one of three and my mom is one of 10 girls!”

— Lee Hernandez

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