The actress' twins are coming into their own as toddlers

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Updated December 03, 2020 08:07 AM

Dania Ramirez‘s twins are coming into their own as toddlers.

“They are finding their own personalities,” the actress told PEOPLE of Gaia Jissel and John Aether, 2, at the launch of Janie and Jack‘s 2016 summer collection in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“They are getting to be a little more comfortable being in social settings because they have each other. They just want to be running around and dancing. That’s their favorite thing.”

And while they’re twins, Gaia and Aether seem to be developing strong personality traits quickly. “Gaia is actually very lady-like, very girly,” Ramirez says. “But because she deals with Aether a lot she’s almost demanding. She knows that she has to really fight for what’s hers.”

Dania Ramirez

Michael Simon/Startraks

Ramirez’s twins are no exception to the struggles of sharing: “Aether’s a little selfish. He wants everything for himself.”

“Anything [Gaia] wants, he wants to grab right away, but it’s teaching them early on that they have to share and I don’t mind that,” she continues.

Mom has developed a nightly routine to keep things equal between the kids though: storytime.

“They won’t listen to an entire story so I pick a page and then I start telling them the story and I’ll re-enact everything,” she shares.

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This ritual has inspired the working mom to expand her own creative horizons. “I’ll make the sound really big and that’s why I think I’m getting into writing a children’s book next,” she says.

“I really enjoy everything and they are very cognizant of what I am saying but they are into repeating the actions. So if there is a dog and I start barking they bark back.”

The book won’t be Ramirez’s secret to an easy bedtime, however – that’s already established.

“I always end [the night] with ‘Incy Wincy Spider,’ ” she says. “For some reason they are obsessed with it. At the end of every story I just start singing the ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and that puts them right out.”

— Raha Lewis