By peoplestaff225
Updated June 08, 2008 12:06 PM

Dakota Mayi Johnson — the daughter of actors Don Johnson, 58, and Melanie Griffith, 50 — has recently been spending her time dabbling in the modeling world. Although the 18-year-old just signed with the famous model agency IMG, she has already completed what she considered her "first real job" with none other than Vogue. Shared Dakota,

With a seemingly bright future ahead of her as a model, her focus is ultimately turning to something more familiar to her: acting. Gracing the cover of the newest issue of Aspen Peak, Dakota reveals that she is in search of what she’s passionate about, and according to her, she thinks she may have found it.

Not knowing where her future may lead, Dakota — who says she’s uncertain "where I’m going to be tomorrow or in a week" — is at least sure that she is taking her time to get there.

Source: E! Online; Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage