Daisy Lowe on fallout from Gavin Rossdale DNA findings

Daisy Lowe, 17, daughter of musician Gavin Rossdale, 40 and fashion designer Pearl Lowe, 35 gave an interview to W magazine about her life. In 2004 it was revealed through DNA test that Daisy’s godfather Rossdale was her biological father and she comments on it: "It was a really weird time in my life. I stopped going out and just sort of hid from it a lot. The press – they were absolutely horrible, just w**kers."

Rossdale and Lowe are now a ensuing child support legal battle and Daisy’s relationship with her biological father is distant; they e-mail each other occasionally. Daisy thinks of Pearl’s husband Danny Goffey as dad, adding "I definitely don’t call Gwen [Stefani, Rossdale’s wife] ‘Stepmum’". Rossdale and Stefani have son Kingston, 2 1/2 months while Lowe and Goffey have Alfie, 10, Frankie, 6, and Betty, 8 months.

Source: W magazine via Femalefirst.co.uk

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