DadGear Recycled Billboard Series Backpack: Hold it right there!

The other day, we took our two kids to an aviation museum in Long Island. I knew my husband and I would be chasing our toddler and I would be wearing the baby – so a backpack diaper bag would be the best thing to tote. DadGear had just sent me one of their Recycled Billboard Series Backpacks to review, so I broke it out! These recycled billboard bags are one of a kind. How cool is that?

At first glance, DadGear’s backpack looks like any other regular backpack (except for the funky design). Start unzipping the many pockets and you’ll find out why it will work so well as a diaper bag! There are pockets for everything you could possibly need — plus the bottom pocket holds their patented quick access wipes case. Wonderful for when you really, really need a baby wipe (and we’ve all been in that position).

Dennis Quaid and Fred Savage are among the celebrity fans of this GREAT brand.

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The Billboard Series Backpacks ($99) are partially made from recycled billboards. Billboards are made of a heavy duty vinyl covering on top of a durable mesh (to protect it from the elements). DadGear rescues these billboards before they are thrown out and then hand-selects pieces to decorate backpacks. Then the pieces are cleaned and de-wrinkled, while "preserving the flavor that comes with months of wear and tear". DadGear ranks the "flavor" of the billboard piece on a scale from 1 to 4 peppers. 1 meaning smooth and unlined, up to 4 – having wrinkles and scuffs. The flavor is supposed to increase during use. Besides the backpacks, you can also get messenger bags with the recycled billboards on the front.

Features include:

  • Quick-access wipes window on the bottom of the front of the pack that will hold their refillable wipes container (comes in handy when your toddler decides to pick up strange things from the restaurant floor)
  • Two large pockets with numerous sections and organization
  • Two bottle pockets accessible from the exterior – large enough to hold up to 2 bottles on each side or even a large container
  • Changing pad (included).
  • At the top of the pack, you’ll find the "diaper hammock." This pocket keeps diapers from getting lost in the bottom of the pack and allows for easy access when changing your child.
  • Efficient, spacious main compartment – they designed the largest pocket in this pack like luggage. It has a clamshell opening, so accessing items at the bottom of a full bag is easy. As a result, you can get what you need without disrupting your organized packing job.
  • Large sized pack – they designed this pack to fit a man’s frame with an 18" tall back panel. It is one of very few, if not the only, diaper backpacks sized large enough for either parent.
  • They use large zippers with dual pulls on nearly every pocket, heavy-duty fabrics, and durable hardware (it’s built to last).
  • Available in several colors and styles.

Verdict: A wonderful diaper backpack that the dads and moms will actually love to be seen with (and adore because of its functionality). The many pockets were great — I was able to find what I needed instantly and quickly. I was loved the very long key clip (no more fumbling around for my keys). My husband didn’t even think it was a diaper bag — so it got the male cool factor vote.

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