I recently tested out DaBib – funny name, but a good product! You can choose either the Hugs or Giggles style (each retail for $12.99). It was designed by a mom (which I love!).

According to the DaBib website, the Hugs style of DaBib is "a solid blue, pink or yellow micro fiber terry front with a complimentary waterproof backing. All of our bibs feature our patent pending, ‘Scrunch Neckline’ and the reversible crumb catcher. Its made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon."

The Giggles style of DaBib is described as a waterproof bib that wipes off with ease! It’s machine washable too! It’s made of 100% polyester and has a pocket to catch food.

I tested both bibs with my toddler. I liked the Giggles style for mealtime and Hugs for playtime. I liked that it was non-toxic and lead free (tested by an independent lab).

DaBib has a celeb following. Debra Messing took one of each style at a recent event. Leeza Gibbons called the design "brilliant" and took a few of each style, both Hugs and Giggles. Kevin Dillon raved about the bibs, taking a few Hugs bibs for his daughter Ava. Expectant mother Constance Zimmer was also an admirer of Da Bib at the 59th Annual Prime Time Emmys.

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