Cynthia Nixon on Parents: The More, The Merrier

They say two heads are better than one and for 12-year-old Samantha and 6-year-old Charles Ezekiel, four parents are better than two! So says their mom, actress Cynthia Nixon, during an interview with Babble. Despite considering herself a hands-on mom, Cynthia — who keeps a close circle around her kids — admits that, between four adults, the workload of parenthood is easily divided.

“My kids have four parents, including my girlfriend [Christine Marinoni], who’s been a stay-at-home mom for the last year and a half. We don’t have a lot of people we hire, but we do have the four of us. The more parents, the better.”

With a strong support system, The Sex and the City actress has no qualms about heading to work each day, as she believes in the balance of motherhood and a career. Time spent at home with the family, however, should be time well spent. “I don’t think you have to be a stay-at-home mom to have time [for your kids]. I’ve seen wonderful stay-at-home moms and moms who could use a little improving,” she explains. “We’ve all seen the mom who devotes all her time and attention to her child and is so hungry for adult interaction that as soon as she’s around another adult, she’s not paying attention anymore.” That said, Cynthia admits the same rings true for working mothers.

Having grown up in a household with a working mother who “wasn’t there to pick me up from school,” but was only a phone call away “any time I needed to talk,” Cynthia walks the fine line between raising a family and fostering her success outside the home. However, for the 42-year-old, the path is one she is willing to take after recalling the sense of pride she felt for her own mom. “I loved having her home, but I also loved getting all dressed up and going to visit her at work. That made me feel good,” she shares.

Samantha and Charles are Cynthia’s children with Danny Mozes. Cynthia is currently starring on Broadway in Distracted, which runs through May 16th.

Source: Babble

— Anya

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