By peoplestaff225
Updated October 15, 2008 07:30 PM

Shawn Ehlers/WireImage

For Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper — the 10-year-old son of Cyndi Lauper and her husband, David Thornton — it didn't take long to figure out that ‘mom' had a different identity, entirely. In a new interview with The Guardian, Cyndi says that Declyn was just two years old when he realized that mom was a pop icon.

Now, eight years later, the 55-year-old songstress says she worries about the toll her fame may be taking on Declyn. "It's hard for him," she explains. "People look at him, and he feels the pressure of being my son." One place he likely doesn't feel that pressure is on the ice; Cyndi pulled out photos of a long-haired, hockey-mask wearing Declyn for the interviewer and happily declared: "I'm a hockey mom."

Source: Guardian