Cybill Shepherd and daughter talk about being co-stars

Working side-by-side on the set of The L Word with her mom Cybill Shepherd has been an eye-opening experience for Clementine Ford, in more ways than one. The 28-year-old says that although she and Cybil are close, she’s trying to avoid witnessing Cybill’s lesbian love scenes on the show. Telling Entertainment Tonight that she sometimes watches with her eyes closed, Clementine says,

There are certain things you don’t want to see…I’ll look anywhere around but at the TV.

When Clementine had to shoot her own scene, however, it was Cybill’s turn to squirm. In the shot, Cybill — who plays Clementine’s mom on the show — walks in on her daughter. When asked by Entertainment Tonight how it went, Cybill joked, "Well, I’m very near-sighted," leading Clementine to quip, "Thank you, Jesus!" Added Clementine,

I was a mess.  I had the shakes.  I was a wreck!

Cybill, 57, also has 20-year-old twins Zach and Ariel from a previous marriage. Working with Cybill is not unlike any other co-star, except for a few mom-reminders here and there, Clementine says.

It’s not so strange except that between takes she’ll come over and [and whisper] ‘Did you call your sister?’  ‘Call your brother, he got some very big award.’

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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