June 08, 2015 04:45 PM

Being married to a world class chef may have its perks, but Lindsay Price is still queen of the kitchen in her own home.

“Linds does the hard work at home. She cooks for the kids much more than I do actually,” Price’s husband, Top Chef Duels host Curtis Stone, 39, told PEOPLE at the 14th Annual Chrysalis Ball to fight homelessness in Los Angeles on Saturday.

“At first it was totally intimidating, but he’s so supportive. I have a couple go-to’s. I do a mean taco night for the kids,” shares Price, 38, who is now the mother of two sonsEmerson Spencer, 8 months, and Hudson, 3½.

“Emerson’s really going for only puree things right now. But it’s puree foie gras,” jokes Price. “Hudson eats anything. We’ve made sure if he doesn’t like something at first, keep offering it to him so that he eventually gets it. We’re very persistent. Well, Curtis is very persistent.”

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So what’s on the menu these days? “She does an incredible chicken adobo and a chicken pot pie. She’s a chicken girl,” says Stone. “She’s a good cook. It takes her a long time, but she’s really good at it.”

While Price is busy cooking inside, Stone and his eldest son spend time together outdoors.

“Hudson and I garden a lot together. We pull out bits and pieces and then cook with it. He makes a bloody mess, but it’s a lot of fun,” shares Stone.

And though Price may be doing most of the cooking at home, Stone has his own duties to fulfill — like planning date nights.

“It’s so hard to leave the house,” admits Price. “But Curtis plans great dates, you have no idea.”

— Matthew Cole Weiss

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