Curly Q's: Care for Multi-Ethnic Winter Hair

I’ve tried a lot of products to tame my three year old daughter’s tresses and by far Curly Q’s ($10-14) has worked the best. Especially now that it’s colder, her hair dries out faster so I need products with lots of moisturizers.

Curly Q’s hair care is formulated with coconut oil and oil which is very moisturizing but if you use the amount recommended on the directions, your child’s hair may get gummed up so I recommend cutting the amount in half and gauging it from there.

I used the Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream and CoconutDream Moisturizing Conditioner twice (we only wash Alice’s hair twice a week), the Moist Curls Moisturizer about four times (I had to alternatewith plain water because this stuff is REALLY sticky), the Curly Q Milkshake (my favorite – lightly conditions and adds a bit of shine),the Curly Princess Glaze (good for holding curls once they are developed but too much can be a bad/sticky thing) and the Radiant Ringlets pomade (basic hair oil but very light).

Be aware that the shampoo is not tear-free so if your little one is a fighter, you may want to use a tearless shampoo and then use the Coconut Dream Conditioner or the Curly Q Milkshake to handle the detangling. Also, the fresh coconut and papaya scents are yummy but they may be somewhat overwhelming to some.

Curly Q’s “big sister” is Curls, which was founded by Mahisha Dellinger, a self-described “multi-ethnic, naturally curly woman,” whodecided to formulate the line after not being able to find the right products for her unique curls. She found that products were either too heavy, too greasy or too light to offer the

control she needed todefine her curls and leave her hair looking bouncy.Mom to three, Mahisha also works with adoption agencies around the US, donating product and teaching multi-ethnic haircare to parentswho adopt across racial lines. Halle Berry and Nicole Murphy are fans of the Curls line and Madison Pettis and Bill Bellamy‘s kids use Curly Q’s. The line’s baby sister is It’s a Curl! (which we’ll be reviewing later this month).

Overall, this is a great product for curly hair (especially ethnic hair) if used in moderation.

— Jamaine

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