Cricket & Monkey: Rocking diaper bags and celebrity baby blankets

If you see a really hot lady and her little girl walking down the street carrying what looks to you like the most rockin’ bag ever … well, you’ve found me!

All joking aside, I am in love with my new Taylor Weekender bag in Skulls & Roses print from Cricket & Monkey. I was in the market for a new diaper bag after my beloved Gitta Bag met a sad end having been run over by a truck when my husband left it on the roof of our car before driving off. (No, that doesn’t only happen on TV). I had also been craving something smaller since my daughter, now two-and-a-half, doesn’t require quite as much cargo to just go on a simple outing. This bag arrived at just the perfect time.

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The bag features seven pockets, including a large zipperedcompartment and a cell phone pouch on the outside (though I will saythat my iPhone doesn’t fit in there….but on the other hand I would never put my iPhonein my diaper bag anyway so who am I kidding). It also has two bottlepockets inside (which my daughter’s Munchkin straw cups fit intoperfectly) and comes with a changing pad. The fully lined bag also hasmetal feet which I personally love because I am forever placing it onthe ground and I hate when my bags get cruddy on the bottom. And sinceI mention this in every diaper bag review that I do, my most cherishedproduct ever, the patemm pad does, in fact, fit perfectly inside it.

The Taylor Weekender bag also comes in five different patterns but the gals at Cricket & Monkeyget special props for sending me the best pattern they offer and thesame one I would have picked out for myself! If you are looking for a larger bag, or even for a clutch, check out the full-lineof diaper bags. You are sure to find the perfect size and pattern asthe selection is incredibly varied and, I think, also reallywell-designed.

Also from Cricket & Monkey is a great line of baby blankets, including the bubble dots blanket which was gifted to Liam McDermott and which was featured in his photo debut in US Weekly along with mom Tori Spelling and husband Dean.

The rich, chocolate chenille blanket, available in either blue or pink, feels as soft as cashmere. But if pinks and blues aren’t you, don’t fret. Cricket & Monkey offers a greatly varied selection as well as coordinates.

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