By peoplestaff225
Updated December 09, 2008 07:00 AM
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A perfect toy for the little artist, camper or when the winter doldrums set in, the Crayola Glow Station ($25) is fun for everyone (children 6+). It’s also great for a kid who just can’t get to sleep, as he or she can play with it in the dark!

This illuminating glow pad provides lots of enjoyment with unique, glow-in-the-dark features. It’s equipped with a light wand, a light-sensitive canvas, and 13 stencils, designed for creating either original free-hand drawings or tracing and coloring images.

In addition to the writing pad, specific features of the Glow Station include a crystal-tip attachment for the light wand that glows when you draw, an acetate sheet and dry-erase marker, and textured sheets, which are printed with opaque designs, such as stripes, feathers and spots.The acetate and dry marker allows children to draw their own pictures and designs, hold them against the canvas and trace over them with the light wand. The acetate can be cleaned with a dry cloth for easy re-use.

Assembly is easy and the station can then hang on the wall for best storage of station art supplies. One tip: flatten the drawing board first, because it curls somewhat from being in the box. Also, it’s best to play with it in a room that can be completely darkened or you won’t get the full glowing effect. The darker the room the better! With the "Glow Station," images disappear in 5-10 minutes, so you won’t be able to save your kids’ masterpieces.

Caveat: 3 AAA batteries are not included.

— Juliet