I was worried about using a traditional padded bumper in my new baby’s crib due to the risk of SIDS, but I found a great alternative in the CozyWedge ($59.99) from Inspired Ideas. Invented by Margaret Pressler, a mom of three, it’s a firm wedge-shaped bumper that won’t form a pocket around a baby’s nose and mouth, making it a safer choice than a padded bumper. It consists, basically, of firm foam wedges that you insert into a fabric slipcover which comes available in either 100% organic cotton solid or 100% cotton print. It is then securely tied to the crib’s rails and used as a crib bumper; It fits snugly and won’t slip down between the rails.

The company just sent Tori Spelling one for her daughter’s arrival next month.

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Besides all the cute color and pattern choices, the CozyWedge was so easy to put together. There are two slipcovers included. Push two wedges into the opening on the right, and push four wedges into the opening on the left. Then fold the bumper at the center seam and place it in the crib, resting the smallest side of the bumper on the mattress. Repeat this step with the second bumper. Connect the slipcovers in the opposite corners, pressing the velcro together to secure it, then tie it to the crib slats. These bumpers are supposed to be removed when your child can sit up unaided or pull herself up into a standing position, and no worries about the foam being unsafe: It’s the same material used in swimming noodles and is non-absorbent, non-flammable and odorless.

With the CozyWedge on our crib, it was much easier to change the crib’s sheets, especially during the middle of the night. I recommend using either Basic Comfort’s Ultimate Crib Sheet or Clouds and Stars’ Quick Zip Sheets with it. The slipcover was machine washable (I would love to even have a second slipcover on hand) and I loved that the one I tested, in the color ‘Chocolate,’ was organic cotton. The CozyWedge is also relatively portable — it can come with you to Grandma’s overnight. Just take the wedges out of the slipcover and pack it up in the cute plastic box it came in.

Verdict: It’s a keeper. Smart idea, good execution. I loved the fact that it came with an organic slipcover and non-absorbent foam made me happy.

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