Coverplayard: Rethink your portable crib's style options

For many people, a hand-me-down portable crib (AKA "Pack N Play" or "Playard") is a reality — Almost everyone knows someone who has one that isn’t being used. The complaint in the past has often been, "but the print is so ugly." And in the beggars can’t be choosers scenario, moms (and dads) just grinned and bore it. Thanks to Coverplayard this is not the case anymore.

Coverplayard is a slip cover that fits just about every type of portable crib on the market. It simply slides over the existing frame and offers not only a little bit of style, but a little bit of hygiene as well. Since you can take the cover on and off with ease — you will be able to wash it frequently, thereby protecting your little one from harm germs and bacteria as well as dust mites, that might cling to your portable crib.

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The product was invented by Allison Costa who was trying to find a way to cut down on her sons’ illnesses:

My sons were both constantly getting ill or suffering from allergiesdue to dust, germs and spit-up that I just couldn’t clean off myplayard without using harsh chemicals. I searched high and low for awashable cover and when I couldn’t find one on the market – I createdit myself.

The Coverplayard is available in a myriad of designs and fabrics,giving you the best way to update that old portable crib and protectyour child in true style! I was able to use mine easily with my existing Graco Pack N Play, it went on very easily and I liked the pretty print as an alternative to my Graco’s basic color scheme. I don’t use my portable crib that often, but on that note, I like knowing that when I do, I won’t have to worry about dust mites, etc. coming in contact with my daughter.

We’re also happy to report that some hotels and resorts have started ordering the product for their guests who need portable cribs. And on that note, you can always carry your Coverplayard with you as you travel to give you an extra defense against those germy hotel cribs.

You can order a Coverplayard on their site, prices range from $45 – $55.

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