Attention Courteney Cox fans! The celebrity mom of CBB favorite Coco Arquette, 2 1/2, will be on the cover of Redbook‘s February 2007 issue, hitting newsstands January 16th. In her feature story, she talks about her new F/X series, Dirt, and of course, Coco. Here are some exclusive choice quotes:

What kind of dad is David [Arquette]?
An amazing one. David takes Coco on adventures. He dances with her. He does her hair. He’s a really hands-on, fun dad.

What has being a mom been like for you? Has there been anything about motherhood that surprised you?
I don’t think so. Every day is new and exciting, but a surprise? No. I have a lot of nieces and nephews, and I know how adorable they can be. I assumed the love would just happen when you have a child, and it did. So maybe the big surprise for me has been how attached I am. I thought I would be the kind of mom who would be able to go away for a weekend and I’m not. I’ve only spent one night away from Coco. I need to see her. Everyone needs to see their child, but I really don’t even want to go away without her. I don’t know at what age I’m gonna be okay with that, but right now I really can’t even imagine it.

Coco came along to the photo shoot with her nanny. Coco had her hair and makeup done and even dressed up in a mermaid costume so she could be photographed for the family’s holiday card. Redbook’s photo director Bruce Perez said, Courteney was great with Coco, "She never talked down to Coco. It was more like she was talking to agood friend." As for Coco’s photoshoot, Bruce said, "she was anatural in front of the lens. She was laughing and havinga great time."

For more "behind the scenes" info, visit Redbook online and pick up the issue of Redbook for the full interview!