June 27, 2015 01:15 PM

Even though there’s no set date for Courteney Cox‘s wedding to Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid, the former Friends star is certainly having a blast gearing up for the festivities.

“We don’t have any plans at the moment. We don’t have any firm decisions yet. But it’s fun thinking about it and figuring out what to do and when to do it,” Cox, 50, told PEOPLE at the launch of OmniPeace, a humanitarian fashion company that builds schools to empower youth living in extreme poverty in Africa, campaign Rwanda Rocks! at STK in Beverly Hills on Thursday. “I’m having fun with that.”

There is one thing that Cox can confirm: Her daughter Coco will definitely be singing at the ceremony. “Oh, for sure,” Cox says when asked if Coco plans on performing. “It’s going to be a whole musical.”

And don’t think Cox has any say in what Coco, who recently sang at her father David Arquette‘s wedding, plans to include in her play list.


Courtesy OmniPeace

“I could request something, but I actually wouldn’t have a choice. That kid loves to sing. Everything from Barbra Streisand to Cee Lo,” shares the bride-to-be.

With McDaid’s musical influence in the house, it’s no surprise that Coco’s talent is flourishing. “She’s actually really, really talented. Coco sang a song for the film I directed called Just Before I Go. And she’s amazing,” Cox says.

“I think that’s probably what she’ll do. She’ll probably do musical theatre because she loves to be very dramatic.”

But Coco won’t be taking the big stage anytime soon, according to Cox, who doesn’t want her daughter diving into showbiz just yet.

“She can do it for school now,” says Cox. “But not professionally until she’s older!”

The 11-year-old’s school doesn’t just celebrate the arts; They also put a strong emphasis on teaching the students to give back.

“Luckily, Coco goes to a school that is all about community service. It teaches kids how lucky they are and how to give back to the community in every way,” explains Cox. “Coco knows more about that than I ever did when I was growing up. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized I had to give service.”

Now Cox is doing more than her part: She is raising awareness and funds for OmniPeace. And although the organization has already built seven schools in Africa, its eighth school is going to be something special — a music school that focuses on teaching guitar, singing, and music engineering.

“Music is such an important part in everybody’s life. It’s so healing. I think it’s a great next step. To build a music school, this could be the answer to a lot of problems,” says Cox.

While Cox awaits the day she can visit Africa — “It’s my dream to go,” she shares — the proud mama admits her daughter may just beat her there.

“Coco will probably be in Africa before I will,” jokes Cox.

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