During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Courteney Cox-Arquette detailed her 4 ½-year-old daughter Coco Riley‘s love of all things Barbie, but Coco would like to clarify — the love is gone! “I mentioned that Coco loves Barbies and she got really upset…she said ‘I do NOT like Barbies,” Courteney explained during a Tuesday visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! “So that’s gonna throw out the whole letter to Santa, it was all about Barbies!” She adds,

Courteney suffered some embarrassment of her own recently, when a well-intentioned email went horribly awry. The 44-year-old actress — who is in the process of finding a kindergarten for Coco, and is hoping to receive a positive reference from her preschool — said that all the parents received an email from the preschool teacher expressing excitement about the upcoming year. Courteney replied “nervously,” for she “really wants the teacher to like [Coco]”… but disaster was about to strike!

“So I write her back, I do my spellcheck on my Blackberry, and I’m writing, like, ‘Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday…We’re so looking forward to it! Love, Courteney and Cock,” she recalled with a laugh. Much to her chagrin, Courteney soon learned that spellcheck doesn’t recognize ‘Coco’ and instead switched her daughter’s name to ‘Cock.’ “First choice, ‘Cock.’ I went too fast…So I wrote to the most wonderful school on earth, ever, ‘Love Courteney and Cock,'” she sighed.

Coco is Courteney’s daughter with husband David Arquette. Her new movie Bedtime Stories opens Dec. 25.