For Samia Smith, a 26-year-old actress appearing on the UK soap Coronation Street, the last few days have brought a whirlwind of emotion. In a state of mourning following her father’s death from cancer last week, today she reveals that she is expecting her first child. “I am so pleased that we were able to tell my dad about the baby before he died,” she tells The Sun.

Samia is no stranger to bumps! Coronation Street has experienced quite a baby boom over the last year — with nine of its cast members either expecting or having recently welcomed a child — and Samia’s character on the show is already pregnant. “I have been pregnant on screen for the best part of the past two years and as soon as I get rid of the fake baby bump I will have a real one,” she notes.

Baby-on-the-way is due in October, and will also be the first for Samia’s husband Matt Smith.

Source: The Sun

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