Cool stroller endorsed (de facto) by royalty

One of my favorite blogs,, noticed the photo we linked to of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway drives a rather swanky stroller that I’ve never seen in the US… a Mutsy. Another fabulous Dutch stroller, I have only seen them in Italy and Holland. Daddytypes’ Greg is way into them and has declared this week Mutsy Week.

Starting at $730 (at, it’s actually more expensive than a Bugaboo but it has great versatility. This all terrain stroller is flexible and allows you to use it from birth to toddlerhood by attaching a bassinet. Some other features include pneumatic tires, independent turning rear axel, luggage cart mode, dual seat option, and best of all, like Bugaboo, it offers forward- or rear-facing seat modes. The chassis (aka base) is $730 and then you need to buy the seat, bassinet ($250-290), car seat ($299) extra. All told, if you buy all these pieces, you are probably looking at a $1600 stroller which may make it one of the most expensive strollers out there. Hollywood- are you listening?


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