Check out our round-up of the latest and greatest sippy cups and bottles!

By peoplestaff225
Updated March 12, 2012 10:00 AM

From the moment your little one takes their first bottle to the time your tot transitions to a sippy cup, you want to make sure only the best make it to their mini mouths.

But with so many new products constantly hitting the market, keeping up with the latest and greatest can be more than overwhelming.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest drinking devices that you (and your babe!) are sure to love.

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Klean Kanteen‘s line of family-friendly water bottles.

And our love continues to grow with the company’s recent debut of the Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle ($21), which is crafted from their signature stainless steel.

Not only is the bottle completely toxin-free and healthy (it won’t retain any old flavors!), but the nipple adjusts to your baby’s sucking to mimic the natural rhythm of breastfeeding.


Bye, bye broken glass! 5 Phases Glass Bottles ($20) come with a clear plastic sleeve that protects both baby — and their much-loved milk — from the risk of shattering.

Best of all? The interchangeable glass inserts are microwave and freezer safe so they’re perfect for storing liquids.


Similac‘s SimplySmart Baby Bottle ($7.50) is all about making life easier for new parents. The BPA free bottles feature a SmartClose system, which lets you know when the top is secure, and even an EasyMix insert that reduces clumps and bubbles.

And if you’ve ever been stuck in a bottle bind (out and about with a clean bottle, but forgot the formula ring a bell?) then you’ll love the On-the-Go Powder Cap. It doubles up as both a top and a formula storage container.


Hearing your baby cry is never easy — especially when they’re hungry. Add trying to assemble their bottle while they’re upset and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, Evenflo‘s Bebek Bottle ($7) reduces the hassle of piecing together the bottle parts puzzle with their integrated nipple system, which includes the air-reducing vent built right in.


Born Free has made a detour to Disney! Your little one will go gaga over their new designs, which feature both the loveable cub Simba or sweet Minnie Mouse ($8).

And just like their original collection, the fun bottles are BPA/PVC-free and include the ActiveFlow Venting Technology to reduce colic.


Your baby is growing up fast and Philips Avent‘s new Drinking Cup ($7) is all about helping them find their independence.

Strawless and spoutless, they’re completely spill-proof because they feature a super cool lip-activated valve around the entire rim. Added bonus: They come with a lid, too.


Put your mind (and your car!) at ease with Munchkin‘s Click Lock Flip Straw Cups ($7.50 for two). Once the top is secure, parents will feel and hear it lock into place, taking away all the worries of those backseat spills.

And with all the bold color combinations and fun designs, your little (big!) kid will love choosing their own cup.


Is your mini-me begging for their own cup of joe during your morning coffee runs? Let them get in on the fun with Keep Cup, a personalized cup (they pick out the colors!) that mimics the standard coffee container. They’re both lightweight — making them perfect for tiny hands — and splash-proof.

Also available in adult sizes, you and your child can have fun creating coordinating cups.

— Anya Leon