As the World Turns’ Kelley Menighan Hensley‘s household of five can be described in two words —”controlled chaos.” The 42-year-old tries her hardest to keep children Sophie May, 10, Spencer James, 7, and Georgia ‘Gigi’ Grace, 22 months, along with husband, actor Jon Hensley, in line. “I’m the stricter disciplinarian in the house and Jon is the slacker when it comes to that. If Jon and I ever argue, it’s about that,” she explains. In fact, Kelley is so strict that sometimes her kids question her about it! “Spencer was mad at me one day and he said, ‘All you care about is manners. Manners, manners, manners.’ I said, ‘Someday when you’re invited to a princess’ house for dinner, you’ll know how to behave.’ And he looks at me like I’m out of my mind.”

The As the World Turns star is happy with her life and even more thrilled at how Sophie and Spencer adjusted to having a little sister. It turns out that Gigi is “the common denominator between the two of them that really brings them together.” Kelley notes that she “never saw the jealousy thing” towards Gigi; Sophie and Spencer “just love her and she loves them.” Gigi adores her siblings so much that “she screams for them because I don’t get her at night anymore.” Kelley will go and check on her youngest, “but I’m like, ‘I’m not getting you — sleep through the night.'” However, Spencer doesn’t like mom’s methods!

Teaching her children to count their blessings is something Kelley takes pride in teaching as well. The actress lies down with her kids at night, calling it “my favorite one-on-one time with each child.” “We just talk about the day,” she explains. “I’ve made it a point since they were old enough to say prayers to talk about what they’re grateful for.” She believes that the kids “get it” and that “they’re at an age where they understand how blessed they are. They have a healthy body and mind and a roof over their heads.” To help her trio understand how fortunate they are in their lives, Kelley has “exposed them to all these different charities I work for … all these sick children that we raise money for and they’re truly a part of it. I think as a result, they will continue to do it as they grow older. I believe that’s one of the best gifts you can give you kids.”

Source: Soap Opera Digest, May 12th issue

— Angela