By peoplestaff225
August 17, 2009 02:00 PM

At only 19-months-old, Colette Zoe has found a way directly to mom Constance Zimmer‘s heart! With baby girl’s verbal skills recently taking off at an incredible pace, the proud mom admits she finds herself melting at the sound of her daughter’s voice. “When they say ‘no’ it’s so cute. Even when you’re not supposed to laugh, she just goes ‘No!’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, it’s the cutest thing ever!” Constance tells Celebrity Baby Blog.

However, the true extent of her vocabulary has yet to be determined! While baby girl will notoriously omit the first letter of certain words — calling her cousins Luke ‘uke’ and Hope ‘ope’ — when it came time to ask for a sweet treat, her clarity was near perfection. “I think her first word was cookie! But she actually said, ‘Cookie,’ and not, ‘Ookie,’ so maybe she’s playing a game with me!” Constance laughs. “Maybe she just goes, ‘Hmm, the words that I really care about, I’m going to say for real.'”

Consistently becoming more savvy with her expressions as she picks up on social cues, Colette has also quickly learned to take full advantage of her irresistible personality!

A first-time mom, the actress is thrilled to take on the responsibility of parenthood and finds her new lifelong role has undoubtedly changed her perspective for the better. After focusing all of her attention on herself before welcoming her daughter, Constance finds comfort in putting Colette first. “Now you have this little thing that you created that comes into the world and it’s really like nothing else matters,” she explains. That said, the addition of a child hasn’t completely stopped the 38-year-old from living her life. “I’m still exactly who I am, I hang out with my friends, I go out at night, there’s just a richness that I’ve never had before.”

Click below for Constance’s thoughts on allowing Colette to have sugar.

As for her hopes for Colette, Constance is determined to expose her daughter to all life has to offer; With that, however, comes the lesson of moderation, she says. Case in point? Both mother and daughter seem to share a strong sweet tooth! “I feel like my mom didn’t allow me to have sugar when I was a little girl and I think that’s why I crave it so much now. I’m trying to give Colette a little bit of it so she doesn’t feel like it’s something being taken away from her or something that she has to have,” she explains.

Colette is Constance’s daughter with Russ Lamoureux.

— Anya with reporting by Shruti Dhalwala