Connie Britton on the Sweet Morning Routine with Son Yoby: 'It's Our Special Time'

The actress, currently starring in Joe Bell and The White Lotus, opens up about spending quality time with her 10-year-old son

As the proud parent of an energetic 10-year-old, Connie Britton is savoring as much "special time" as she can get with son Yoby.

"My morning ritual with my son is very special to me," the actress, 54, tells PEOPLE in the latest issue. "When I'm shooting, I try to get my call time to be after I drop Yoby at school so that I can have my time with him in the morning. It's really meaningful and valuable to us. It's our special time."

Their routine together includes a wakeup around 7 a.m. and then breakfast for themselves and all of their pets.

"We've got three dogs and a cat, and now [Yoby]'s got six fish, so we get up probably around 7:00. We feed the animals. I feed him and then I take him to camp," says the Joe Bell star. "He's been doing this surf camp this summer, which is fantastic. That is one of the beauties of living out in Los Angeles."

Britton, who adopted Yoby in 2011, says she loved the extra time she has had with her son during the pandemic, and can't wait to get back to more traveling together.

"I love being able to have the extra time with my son and certainly during the pandemic, having the extra time with my son has been so amazing," she says. "I'm really excited to finally be able to get back to travel. I'm an avid traveler and so because my son was going with me everywhere from his youngest, youngest age, he's a great traveler. I love traveling with him and taking trips with him and experiencing new places and exploring."

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Britton, who is also starring in HBO's The White Lotus, says she and Yoby have been enjoying lots of outdoor activities this summer, including bike rides, basketball and swimming. She is also proud of her son's burgeoning musical talents.

"We love to go on bike rides, whatever we can do," she says. "We actually moved into a new house, it's been a slow process and now the pandemic is over, house decorating is really fun. But with him, we have this park in the back of the house. We love to go and play basketball. He skateboards, I'm way too afraid. We swim. We go to the beach. Those are the things that we really love."

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Britton, who played country music star Rayna James on Nashville, says her singing voice is "rusty" but she doesn't hold back in the shower or in the car.

"My life becomes so busy with other things that I'm not doing the singing that I was. I'm rusty," she admits. "[With Yoby] it's fun for me to attribute it to his early years in Nashville, but he loves music and he's becoming a really good musician. He plays the drums, the guitar, the piano. We listen to music. We've been building a playlist for him since he was like 4 or 5, so now it's really long and full of songs. We listen to his playlist every day. Music is a big part of our lives too."

Britton's Joe Bell is now in theaters and The White Lotus airs Sundays on HBO.

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