Anna Paquin Thanks Fans for Twin Wishes

"Congratulations on the babies!" someone in the audience cried out -- as Paquin is reportedly expecting twins. "Thank you!" she replied.

True Blood fans got to congratulate Anna Paquin on her pregnancy in person Saturday, as the actress — and her baby bump — made an appearance at a panel for the show at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Paquin, 29, was the last member of the cast to be called out on stage. She rubbed her belly while smiling at the audience as she took her seat next to husband Stephen Moyer.

“Congratulations on the babies!” someone in the audience cried out — as Paquin is expecting twins. “Thank you!” she replied.

Throughout the panel, Paquin and Moyer, 42, traded smiles and affectionate glances and touches. At one point, they could be seen holding hands under the table.

When Moyer talked about his experience directing an episode of the HBO vampire series, currently in its fifth season, she showed her support by rubbing his leg.

When the moderator asked Paquin how she thought Moyer did, she replied, “I mean, all kidding aside, he was great.”

— Jessica Wedemeyer

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