Coco Rocha Is Pregnant! Supermodel Reveals She's Expecting Third Child: 'We're Having a Girl!'

Rocha reveals the exciting news exclusively to PEOPLE - with a little help from her two beautiful children Ioni, 5, and Iver, 2!

coco rocha announcement
Photo: James Conran

It's soon to be a party of five for Coco Rocha and her husband James Conran.

The couple, who are parents to daughter Ioni James, 5, and son Iver Eames, 2, are expanding their family with a daughter later this year, Rocha shared exclusively with PEOPLE in this week's issue.

"We are having a girl and big sister [Ioni] is so excited," the supermodel, who is 5 1/2 months pregnant, tells PEOPLE. "She loves having a baby brother, but she's like, 'I got one of those. So let's get another one, another version.' She wants to do all the mommy stuff. It's going to be like having a baby doll."

coco rocha pregnancy announcement

Rocha said the couple always planned for a third child and found out she was pregnant right before COVID led to a nationwide shutdown.

"We were all excited and then COVID occurred and we were like, 'Well, at least, we know we're having a third and we're going to go and get through this,'" she tells PEOPLE.

Luckily, the model feels really good and healthy during her third pregnancy.

"I feel the same pregnancy wise as I did with Ioni and Iver," she shares. "I've never been one to get sick and always feel really good through it all. But the difference with this pregnancy is being at home and not having any sort of a routine of going out. It feels a little weird in that respect, but I still feel very fortunate to be pregnant and have family around right now."

coco rocha pregnancy announcement Credit: James Conran
Coco Rocha and her kids.

During her last two pregnancies, Rocha still traveled the globe for her modeling career — something she says she's been missing.

"With Ioni, I think it was 15 countries still traveling and working and this one will be no traveling probably the entire nine months, which I don't think I've ever had that happen in my life," she says.

Rocha adds that it was also an adjustment going to all the doctor's appointments alone without her husband.

"The only hardship is that you can't bring daddy in. We get to FaceTime and I know I've seen some other celebrities kind of showing how that's worked for them," she says. "It is a very different scenario, but I do appreciate everyone taking it so seriously. And the doctors have been awesome."

Rocha and her husband are still talking over names for their second daughter, and plan to pick a four letter "I" name out that matches their other two children.

"We're still trying to find that special name," she shares. "With Ioni and Iver, we wanted them to be different and something where people haven't heard of often, but they're both traditional names — long ago people were called that. So we want to find something just as special."

Rocha says she's finding it harder to sneak in time for herself — or even a nap! — during this pregnancy, but she's still making sure to prioritize fitness.

"When I am pregnant, I think, 'This is a little person inside of me. I should take care of myself for their sake,'" she says. "So I've always loved going to the gym when I'm pregnant. So daddy bought me a Peloton bike, seeing that I really was missing the gym during my pregnancy. I've been loving working out in the mornings. Even my oldest is like, 'Have you had a chance to work out?' She just sees that gets me motivated. That's been my routine, probably every few days I go on my bike."

Although Rocha's focus remains on her growing family, she's still carving out some time to mentor models as part of her Coco Rocha Model Camp, which she founded in 2018 as a resource of master classes for models and photographers taught by Rocha herself in New York, Canada and online.

"I have been teaching model camp online the last few months during quarantine, and we just returned back to in person," she says. "It feels so different. But at the same time, it feels nice to go back to something I was doing beforehand. And it feels, I guess, to all of us, it's nice to go back to work a little bit."

Rocha says she's talking to her model mentees a lot about what photo shoot sets will look like after COVID and why it's important to build trust.

"The scariest thing for models when we go back to work, is trusting that everyone on set is taking the proper safety measures. Everyone's going to wear masks, everyone will wear protection, except the model," she says. "And the model must take off all her protections in hopes that the makeup artist is using clean brushes and the hairdresser is m the right decisions. So that to me, that has been a little terrifying to think now I have to trust everyone has been doing the right thing in this room and I'm going to have to hope that they have been. That is the scary next step for most models."

As for the future of the fashion industry as a whole, Rocha hopes industry leaders are using this time to take inventory in their brands and do a deep reflection.

"I think COVID has kind of made everyone in all industries just stop and reflect and think about what was necessary and are we necessary and how can we rebrand and rethink as individuals, but also as companies."

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