Wild Thing! Coco Austin Displays Bare Baby Bump in Animal-Print Bra at 36 Weeks

The expectant mom is still looking great at 8 months pregnant

CoCo Austin may be nearly nine months pregnant, but she still looks amazing!

The mom-to-be shared a baby bump update on Instagram Tuesday and her relatively tiny belly was on full display as the model rocked a cheetah-print sports bra and leggings.

“I’m behind on my baby bump pics! This is from week 36! On Thanksgiving in 3 days I will be 37 weeks!” she wrote. “I’m really proud of my new baby blog which 5 new posts were just added. I got the idea to do one in the middle of my pregnancy when so many people were asking questions.”

She adds, “I’ve spent hours writing and incorporating photos with my words…Soon I will post all bump pics.”

Coco Austin pregnant bra

Courtesy Coco Austin

Austin, 36, is expecting her first child — a girl to be named Chanel Nicole — with husband Ice-T in December.

“I took the test and when I found out, I ran downstairs. He was on the computer and I was bawling, screaming. He thought someone died,” she told PEOPLE about first learning she was pregnant. “He was just as surprised as me.”

Austin hasn’t let pregnancy slow her down; aside from changing a few eating habits, she’s still rocking sky-high heels and cleavage baring outfits.

One thing’s for sure, she’s going to be one hot mama!

Naja Rayne

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