Coco Austin reveals the fashionable bottoms that keep her "so comfy while preggers"

Nicole “CoCo” Austin‘s baby bump may be itty bitty, but she knows how to accentuate it – and stay comfortable.

The mom-to-be, who’s nearly 32 weeks along with daughter Chanel, revealed her “must-have” maternity wear on social media: jeggings.

The star, 37, shared a photo herself on Saturday wearing a pair of faux-denim printed leggings, which she paired with a casual blue t-shirt, cropped white jacket and sneakers.

Coco Austin's maternity jeans

Courtesy Coco Austin

“Shout out 2 these leggings that look like jeans,” she tweeted. “They’re so comfy while preggers. A must have ‘Coco Maternity wear.’ ”

The leggings, which have the appearance of faded, acid-wash jeans, are from Tinka’s Closet, which Austin dubbed one of her “fav boutiques.”

Austin, whose husband and the baby’s father is Ice T, wrote on Twitter Friday that she was surprised by how closely fans are following her maternity style.

“I never thought my attire that I’ve been wearing during my pregnancy would get that much notice,” she said. “Thank u to all the compliments #fashionista.”

She added that she felt uncomfortable showing off her “little lump” until her baby belly started to show more, giving her a “boost of confidence.”

And some further fashion advice for expectant moms? Austin says embrace the challenge.

“I think my go to maternity wear has been flowy chic tops w/leggings & Maxi dresses,” she dished. “Its [sic] harder 2 dress for the day but liking the challenge.”

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– Lindsay Kimble