March 29, 2016 01:19 PM

They say a baby changes everything … even sleeping arrangements.

In an episode of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk, which is now live on PEOPLE/Entertainment Weekly Network, Coco Austin reveals what life with a 10-month-old is really like.

“Sex is nonexistent for the first couple of months,” the new mom says. “It definitely changes … you don’t get the ‘OK’ to even have sex or go to the gym until 16 [weeks].”

Austin, 37, continues, “You don’t even want sex. That’s the thing. Everything is about the child. Nothing is sexual in your world.”

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The proud mom and husband Ice-T welcomed their baby girl, Chanel, in November 2015 and could not be more thrilled.

“I’m taking a lot of pictures. I’m that same guy that you go, ‘Oh, my daughter …’ and before I know it I’m showing you pictures. I said that I’m not going to be that guy,” the rapper previously told PEOPLE. “But now I’m just like, ‘Wait, look,’ and, ‘Wait, look at this one,’ and, ‘Wait a minute, hold up.’ You can’t help it. You’re just happy.”

Though the couple, who have been married for 14 years, share in the overwhelming joy of bringing their daughter into this world, some things have changed.

“We’re very much a tight family,” Austin says. “At night — the dog, the baby — we all plop into our bed and it’s a full bed. So, there are no alone moments with your husband.”

Though their isn’t much time for intimacy quite yet, Ashley Williams – who is mom to son, Gus – offers Austin some reassurance.

“Give it time,” Williams says.

— Christina Dugan

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