October 10, 2015 08:00 PM

Nicole “Coco” Austin‘s baby bump may be small, but it is definitely growing!

The 37-year-old wife of Ice-T, 57, tweeted a progress photo of her growing belly, saying she is “proud” of her 30-week bump.

“I’m so proud of my 30 week baby bump,” Austin wrote on Saturday while posing in a purple maxi dress. “Being pregnant is straight-up awesome! #ChanelNicole will be so loved!”

Courtesy Coco Austin

Earlier in the week, the model wrote that she was surprised at how fast her first pregnancy is progressing.

“I can’t believe how fast it goes! I love being pregnant,” she wrote.

Austin has been enthusiastically documenting her pregnancy on social media, even sharing her 4D ultrasound videos and revealing that she watches them “every day.”

“I can’t take all the cuteness,” she wrote on Friday. “She seems so sweet! She’s at a healthy 3pounds already with 10 more weeks to go!”

Austin caught a lot of attention in late September when she shared a picture showing her small baby bump at 28 weeks.

Chanel will be Austin’s first child and Ice-T’s third child as the rapper is already father to Tracy and Letesha, his two adult children from previous relationships.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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