March 01, 2016 10:00 AM

Finding alone time as a new mom isn’t easy — in fact, Hannah Storm thinks it’s near impossible.

“I think me time [is] a myth,” the ESPN SportsCenter host jokes in PEOPLE’s Mom Talk series.

Despite the challenges, the mom of three daughters managed to get creative by soaking up her time in the shower when her girls were younger.

“I would take really, really long showers because I thought, it’s really hard for someone to burst in on you in the shower,” she says.

Although Storm admits the balance can be “tough,” new mom Coco Austin seems to have found the perfect solution to the constant struggle.

“I figured it out — if i get up before her, get my clothes on, get my hair and makeup done before she wakes up, I feel like that’s me time,” Austin, mom to 3-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole, explains.

Austin’s impressive schedule even has actress Ashley Williams — who welcomed son Gus in October 2014 — in awe.

“I am so inspired by that — you wear makeup?!” she jokes. “I remember so distinctly, right after I had Gus, I had just been through 24 hours of labor … and I was likening it to running five marathons in a row, taking a quick shower and then starting the biggest job I ever had.”

She adds, “I remember trying to figure out when I was going to process the birth because I had no time for that. I kept thinking, when do I get to go sit in my closet and eat a pizza by myself and cry about the birth?”

Following Williams’ confession, Storm quips, “When they go to college!”

“So just 16 more years? I’ll put it on the calendar,” Williams says with a laugh.

— Anya Leon

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