November 17, 2010 09:00 AM

Todd Williamson/Getty

When it comes to Christmas, it looks like Taran Killam and Cobie Smuldersdaughter has a short list.

“She enjoys the packaging at this point, [so we’ll] probably just [give her] rolls of wrapping paper,” joked Saturday Night Live‘s Killam of Shaelyn Cado, 18 months.

Shaelyn’s parents do have a particular gift in mind — Killam, 28, says he and his fiancée are considering purchasing a rocking horse.

“She really likes this old Disney cartoon called Every Cowboy Needs a Horse,” he explained to PEOPLE Monday at the launch party for Saturday Night Live – The Game.

In the meantime, the comedian enjoys witnessing Shaelyn’s latest milestones, including words — even if she calls How I Met Your Mother star Smulders by name first!

“‘Mama’ [came first], and rightfully so! Cobie does most of the work so she earned that,” he notes.

— Shruti Dhalwala

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